Collective agreements

Your collective agreement sets out your rights and responsibilities at work.  If you have any concerns about your treatment, please talk to your steward or a member of the executive.

Download a copy of the 2022-2026 CUPE 5678 Collective Agreement

Download a copy of the 2022-2026 CUPE 5678-1 (STEO) Collective Agreement


Download a copy of the 2019-2022 CUPE 5678 collective agreement (PDF)

Download a copy of the 2019-2022 CUPE 5678-01 collective agreement (PDF)


Our bylaws set out the rules for how our local democratically elects our representatives, and how it is run.

2022- April 29 2022 Bylaws Changes Official




Health and safety

All CUPE members in Ontario are who are injured/missed time/ or filed for WSIB have Representatives that will help you along the journey.

Some examples of these injuries are falling down the stairs at work, a concussion from a student, twisted your ankle on the yard and many more.

There is a Representative on the East side of the school board, David James 613-930-0033 and in the West Nancy Ripley 613-349-0922.

Feel free to reach out to either of your Representatives.

WSIB_Fact_Sheet Injured at work 2023



Canadian Centre of Occupational Health & Safety Free Courses

The Canadian Centre of Occupational Health & Safety are currently offering several courses for free, some due to the pandemic, though many have been no charge pre-covid as well.

Click on the link to browse through the list and take advantage of these valuable education modules.



CUPE Ontario Vaccination Policies Town Hall September 13, 2021
If you were unable to attend or want to re-watch the webinar, the relevant links can be found here

Click her to view FAQ - Coivd-19 vaccines

Click here to view and download the OFL Covid-19 Health & Safety Guide for Education Workers


Click here for CUPE Ontario Health & Safety


“Sustainable”. “Green”. “Ethical”. “Responsible”.


Although described in many different ways, investing in funds or companies that reflect your beliefs and values has been one of the fastest-growing investment trends in recent years. Around the world, investors expect to increase the share of sustainably invested assets from 18% to 37% by 2025.

If you’re one of the many investors interested in supporting environmental, social, and corporate governance causes, here’s what you need to know:

2024 Spring Financial Services Survey (

* Read the rules and regulations:

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Burnout and Stress 101: Finding Balance with Mindfulness

In today's fast-paced world, it's no surprise that burnout and stress are common challenges millions face. As society places increasing demands on our time, energy, and mental capacity, many feel drained, unfulfilled, and overwhelmed.


However, there is a secret tool for gaining mental clarity and a sense of inner peace. Here, we'll get into the complexities of burnout and stress and discuss how mindfulness can pave the way to enhanced well-being.


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Effective September 18, 2023, all new OTIP registrants and their eligible family members can sign up for the Starling Minds tool with one of these access codes: member or familymember

To simplify the registration process, OTIP worked with Starling Minds to implement one code for all members (Code: member) and one code for their families (Code: familymember). Codes are not case-sensitive.

 Only first-time users need this access code to register for an account with Starling Minds. (Members/employees who have already registered or have a Starling account will not be impacted by this change.)

Visit to learn more.



2023 RTIP Guide - click to view/download

It’s no secret that getting from point A to point B in the middle of a Canadian blizzard can be tough. Thankfully, there’s one simple step you can take towards a safer winter drive: installing a set of quality winter tires.

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Little-known facts about seasonal property insurance

There’s nothing like a relaxing getaway at the cottage by the lake or the cabin in the woods. More than just bricks and mortar, your seasonal property is the keeper of cherished memories. Read on to learn some little-known facts about seasonal property insurance coverage.



6 ways to make better use of your tax refund

Another tax season is in the books, and for many of you, it may mean getting a refund on money paid in taxes. In fact, just over half of the 31 million tax returns filed in 2022 received a refund, at an average amount of $2,176. But, before you rush out to spend it, consider how you can put it to work to enhance your financial future.

Here are 6 ways to make much better use of your tax refund: Brought to you by Educators Financial Group.


Car theft is a huge industry. Is your vehicle a target?

Did you know Canada’s auto theft industry is a $1 billion business? According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, a vehicle is stolen every six minutes in Canada. Knowing whether your vehicle has landed on Canada’s top 10 stolen cars can help you assess your risk level and determine preventative measures.




Does home insurance cover mould damage?

Mould is a common enemy of Canadian homeowners. It poses a severe health risk and can significantly damage your home, making it expensive to repair. As a homeowner, understanding how to purify your indoor air and keep your family and visitors healthy is essential.



Planning for retirement when it’s ten years, five years, and one year away

Planning for retirement but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Here are some action items you can take as your retirement date draws closer.





Every dollar you spend, save, invest, charge, or borrow has a direct impact on your overall financial well-being. And the best way to keep things healthy in that regard is to have a solid budget in place. But the task of building household budgets can almost be as taxing as actually trying to stick to them.

Here are 10 tips for building a budget that works.  Brought to you by Educators Financial Group.

How to build a budget that works - Educators Financial Group


Battery care: Avoid the hazards!

Rechargeable batteries are perishable, slowly fading from the day they are manufactured. No need to worry, though; there are ways to charge and store your batteries properly. Here’s what you need to know.



Learn why more than ever, more members of the education world in Ontario are choosing ORA for health, dental and retirement insurance.

Find OTIP’s next free webinar or workshop on our calendar and sign up today:

Free Retirement Workshop: Planning for Retirement| OTIP RAEO

Discover why more members of the Ontario education community are choosing RTIP for their retirement health, dental and travel insurance than ever before.

Check out our schedule for the next free webinar or workshop and register today:

Free retirement workshop: Walk into Retirement | OTIP RAEO


The top 5 things that should be on your ‘beginning of the year financial to-do’ list.

It’s a new year—and while you might be sorting out whether or not an ‘old acquaintance should be forgotten’, there is a list of money-related things you shouldn’t forget if you want to start this year on the right financial foot.

From making the most of your TFSA and RESP contributions, to getting ahead of the RRSP and tax deadlines, check out the top 5 things that should be on your new year financial to-do list: Brought to you by Educators Financial Group.


Start the new year off right with ways to save on your home and auto insurance

The price you pay for insurance can vary by hundreds of dollars, so how can you get the best value for your money? Here are 10 ways you may be eligible to save on your home and auto insurance and start your new year off right.



Shop safely online this holiday season

Online shopping has become a big part of many Canadians' lives. As an online shopper, you get to avoid checkout lines, scout for the best prices and shop whenever you want – all from the comfort of your home. Here are nine online shopping safety tips to help prevent scams and protect yourself and your family this holiday season.




Resisting rust: How to protect your vehicle from rust damage

While road salt helps drivers get safely from one place to the next by keeping streets clear of ice and snow, repeated exposure can leave your vehicle vulnerable to rust. If not correctly taken care of, rust can cause significant damage to your vehicle and pose serious safety risks. Here are 5 things you can do to protect your vehicle from rust damage this winter.




Your insurance bill shouldn’t scare you this Halloween – here’s how to lower your insurance cost

With Halloween just around the corner and the ‘spooky season’ in full swing, there are many frights to behold. But your insurance bill shouldn’t be one of them.

While you need enough coverage to ensure you, your loved ones and your belongings are protected, there are ways to lower your insurance cost without reducing your coverage. We’ve put together a list of savings and discount options you may be eligible for in order to save on your home and auto insurance.



Comparing an insurance broker to a direct writer – and what makes OTIP different

When shopping for insurance it’s not only important to understand the coverage you’re looking for, but also your options for where to purchase your insurance. The two most popular options are direct writers and brokers, and understanding their differences may impact your decision when purchasing a policy.





Securing what matters – 5 security tips to make your car theft proof

You may be thinking that your new vehicle is already equipped with the latest security features – and that might be the case – but in reality a lot of basic features aren’t deterring criminals from accessing your car. With rising incidents of theft, especially to newer vehicles, have you wondered if your security was compromised? Here are 5 security tips to make your car more secure against theft.





Renovations that you should call your insurance broker about

If you’re like many other Canadian homeowners who have recently come out of the pandemic, chances are you have either completed some type of renovation or have something planned in the future. Here’s a list of situations that are important to review with your broker ahead of time.



What is usage-based insurance and is it right for you?

Wondering if usage-based car insurance is right for you? We’ve put together a guide to help break down the frequently asked questions of UBI programs.




Spring is in the air – Road trip! 

Ontario is a big province with lots to offer—from beautiful nature scenes to bustling city centres. Check out these Ontario road trip ideas that guarantee fun for all ages.



Will a speed camera ticket make my insurance rate go up?

 You arrive home after a long day of work and check your mailbox. Inside, you find a ticket from a speed camera with a photo of your vehicle driving above the posted limit. Let’s address some commonly asked questions about speed camera tickets.



How to choose the right vehicle

When it comes to finding the right car for you, there are pros and cons to both new and used vehicles — but ultimately, your decision will likely come down to budget and your driving habits. So how do you choose the right vehicle for yourself? Consider these factors before deciding.



Lock it up!

Safety features are an important part of every home. Locks, specifically, are the best way to keep your home safe and secure from unwanted “guests.” Different doors require different types of locks. Let’s review some basic and high-tech models to help you decide what kind of locks fit your needs the best.



Leasing vs. buying a car: What’s best for me?

Both leasing and buying have their benefits and drawbacks, so the right choice all depends on your budget, driving needs and lifestyle. We’ve outlined some of the key factors to consider when deciding between leasing versus buying your next vehicle to help you determine which option is best for you.



Does my home insurance cover items in storage?

Whether you’re in the middle of a move, downsizing, hanging on to a loved one’s belongings, or just looking to free up some space at home, you might find yourself storing items in an offsite storage unit. Whatever the reason, the items you’ve chosen to store are likely important to you. That’s why it’s equally important to know that your precious belongings have the proper coverage to repair or replace them if they were damaged or stolen while in storage.



Planning to rent out your basement apartment?

Renting out your basement is a great way to test the waters and make some extra money without the upfront cost of purchasing a rental property. We are here to provide you with some helpful tips that may encourage you to take on the initiative. #OTIPUpdate



How to maintain a vehicle you don’t drive often

From decreasing your commute to putting your car in storage for the season, there are plenty of reasons why you might not be driving your vehicle as often as you used to. But don’t let it sit collecting dust — follow these steps to maintain your car and keep it ready to hit the road!

Learn more at



What is usage-based insurance and is it right for you? 

Usage-based insurance (UBI), also known as pay-as-you-drive insurance, has recently spiked in popularity amongst Canadian drivers who find themselves driving less since the arrival of COVID-19. More drivers are looking for a way to be rewarded for their good driving habits. Wondering if usage-based car insurance is right for you? We’ve put together a guide to help break down the FAQs of UBI programs.

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Roundabouts don’t have to be scary

October usually brings images of ghosts, goblins, skeletons and other classic “spooky season” frights. If driving through a roundabout is on your list of “spooky” things, read on.

While roundabouts have become increasingly popular in Canada over the years, they still make up only a small fraction of the country’s intersections and continue to leave many Canadian drivers apprehensive. But navigating a roundabout doesn’t have to be scary!

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What’s behind the increased cost of auto insurance claims?

With the average cost of auto insurance claims on the rise, many drivers are wondering what’s behind the increase and if there’s any relief in sight.

Here’s a breakdown of two key factors that are behind the rising cost of auto insurance claims in recent years.

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Home delivery risks and how you can prevent them

Taking more of your shopping online? You’re not alone. E-commerce sales in Canada hit an all-time high in 2020 as many Canadians turned to online shopping and home delivery services during the pandemic. While home delivery offers a safe and convenient way to receive your goods, it’s important to think about the associated risks and what you can do to prevent them.

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Protecting your privacy when using electronic pink slips

In some Canadian provinces – including Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador – drivers can now display an electronic pink slip on their smartphone when asked for proof of insurance. This provides a more convenient option over paper pink slips, which can be easy to lose and difficult to replace. However, many drivers are wondering what their rights and responsibilities are when handing over their phone to a police officer – and how they can protect their privacy while obeying the law.

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New driver in the house? Discover how you can save money on insurance premiums!

It’s no secret that new drivers pay higher car insurance premiums, as they have less experience behind the wheel and the need to build up a safe driving record. This inexperience contributes to the overrepresentation of teenage drivers in car accidents — although young Canadians represent 13% of the licensed driving population, they account for 20% of motor vehicle deaths and injuries.1 However, there are ways to save on car insurance for a new driver.

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What to look for when buying a car seat

Keeping your child safe while driving is extremely important. A car seat or booster seat is a crucial piece of safety equipment that, when used correctly, greatly reduces the risk of injury or death in the event of a collision. Read on for frequently asked questions about purchasing a car seat to learn what to look for to best protect your child while in the car.

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What will your retirement look like?
Look forward to these moments knowing you’re protected with the most flexible health, dental and travel insurance for the retired education community from RTIP.


Buying a car? Why your insurance provider should be the first person you tell

Whether you are driving a shiny new car off the lot or found a used car in good shape on an auto buy-and-sell page, you’ll need to notify your insurer before you write the cheque. The make, model and year of your vehicle are key factors in determining your auto insurance policy premiums and ensuring that you have the right amount of coverage in place. That’s why it’s so important to contact your insurance provider before you purchase a new vehicle. Depending on the make, model and year of your new vehicle, keeping your insurer updated could save you on your insurance premiums.

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Myth buster: The truth about working with an insurance broker

If you’ve never worked with an insurance broker, you may have questions about what they do and how they are unique in the market place. Learn how OTIP insurance brokers advocate for thousands of members like you ensuring they make the right choice for their auto and home insurance needs.

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Move over: How to safely respond to emergency vehicles while driving

Seeing flashing lights approach you as you’re driving can be stressful. Some drivers panic and don’t effectively move out of the way, causing delays for emergency vehicles. The acronym “L.I.G.H.T.” will help you calmly and safely clear the way with five simple steps.

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How to avoid issues when submitting an insurance claim

At OTIP, members are our reason for being, and helping you protect the people and things that mean the most to you is what we do best. No one wants to be faced with unexpected obstacles during the claims process, and we strive to make it hassle free. To ensure you don’t run into any issues when submitting a home or auto insurance claim, review these tips.

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Fireplace safety tips for a cozy and safe winter

There’s nothing quite like cozying up by the fireplace on a cold winter’s evening. While many Canadians look forward to the warmth, light and ambiance that comes with a home fireplace, it’s important to practice proper fireplace safety. Review the following fireplace safety tips to ensure that you, your family and your home stay safe this season.

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Safety tips for outdoor patio heaters and fire elements

As the weather turns colder, many Canadians are looking to patio heaters and fire elements to stay warm while safely social distancing outside. However, if used incorrectly, these devices can cause fire damage to your home or harm a child.

Review these safety tips to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe while keeping warm outdoors this winter.

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Don’t make these 5 common renovation mistakes!

Renovating can make your home or office feel fresh, new and inviting. It’s an exciting opportunity to dream about your ideal space and make it a reality. If you’re going through the time, effort and expense to renovate, make sure you do it right the first time around by avoiding these five common mistakes.

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2023 RTIP Guide - click to view/download




All permanent staff who are CUPE 5678 members have pensions negotiated through the OMERS pension plan.  If you have any concerns or questions, please talk to your steward or a member of the executive.

Your rights at work

Our job is to make sure that your rights at work are respected - but we can only help you if you let us know there's a problem.  Learn more about your rights at work: