Section 14 of the CUPE 5678 Bylaws provides more detailed information for the following Committee’s


Negotiating Committee 

Represents the membership of this Local and consists of the President, the Unit Vice-Presidents, the Recording Secretary, the Chief Steward and the CUPE National Representative.


Communication/Newsletter Committee

  •  work with the work site Communicators to distribute information in each site
  •  develop, maintain and distribute ongoing information, to be made available to the worksite locations;
  •  compile new employee information packages for orientation sessions, and new hires within the school year;
  • establish and streamline various systems of communicating with members;
  • work with the Executive Council on preparing for media and press releases;
  • as needed, consult with the Education Department of CUPE National to keep abreast of updated forms of communicating with the public, as well as with members.
  • Committee ensures quarterly publication of the “CUPE Connection Newsletter “ to all members

Lois Linttell, Tammy Caswell, Sheena Hagerman, Erin Hurford, Gary McDonald, Jennifer Livingstone, Nancy Ripley, Sheila Robertson, Shelley Swerdfeger, Robin Yandeau



Joint Job Evaluation Committee

Appointed by the Executive Council. The Joint Employer/Union Committee shall review the job descriptions of all CUPE positions, as per the Collective Agreement.

Joint Pay Equity Maintenance Committee 

Appointed by the Executive Council to address Pay Equity issues.


Steward/Grievance Committee

Comprised of the Chief Steward, the Stewards, and the President.

This Committee shall review and process all grievances including those not settled at the initial stage.

The Chief Steward shall submit copies of the grievance to the President, and to the CUPE National Representative, with reports at the general membership meetings.

Grievances must be in writing on the forms provided by the National Office and be signed by the complainant(s) and/or union officer as provided for in the collective agreement. Grievances shall be updated and presented, by the chair, at monthly Executive meetings.


Joint Health & Safety

Upon the appointment of the Executive Council the Committee shall be comprised of three (3) members sitting on the joint Employer/Union Occupational Health and Safety Committee;Committee members shall attend the Health and Safety meetings, keep abreast of training programs and assist in developing programs for the Health and Safety of all members

Shelley Swerdfeger, Dan Kelly, William Morris