Please complete the quick 1 question survey on the CUPE 5678 Agendas.

Question 2 – Name – is optional.

Click  Agenda Survey


If you receive a Permission Error

There are some instructions and information on the CUPE 5678 website regarding TEAMS, email set up.

Here is a link – Email / TEAMS Instructions – CUPE 5678

UCDSB and CUPE both use Microsoft and if you are on a device that any Microsoft applications are using your UCDSB account, when trying to use the CUPE Microsoft you may be having difficulty.


Basically if you are logged into Microsoft on another account, it won’t work.

You can log out of your UCDSB Microsoft or an easy work around would be going incognito/inprivate on your internet browser….top right corner 3 dots, 3rd one down (either in private/incognito) ….screen will go black….

Type in and login with CUPE email and it should work… can copy and paste

into the search bar.

Hopefully this works.  It’s because UCDSB and CUPE  both use Microsoft…..


If you need further assistance, please call the office or email.