Email / TEAMS Instructions

Best Practices for signing into your CUPE office account for emails and meetings:

  1. Open an internet browser of your choice.

For Google Chrome:  Go to the 3 dots under the X in the top right corner and choose “New incognito window”

For Edge:  Go to the 3 dots under the X in the top right corner and choose “New InPrivate browser”

For Safari:  On the left choose “Private”

  1. Then in the search bar, type
  2. Choose “Sign In” and enter with your cupe email and your password, (click No to the question stay signed in).


For a registered event:

  • Go to the outlook email button (usually found on the left)
  • find the email you received from the day you registered called, “You’re registered for Membership/Special Membership Meeting” and click on the link to join.

If not a registered event you have 2 options:

  1. Click on the TEAMS button on the left side and look at the calendar for the meeting date you want to join, or
  2. Click on the Outlook button, go to your calendar, find the meeting date, click on the meeting and click “join”
  • Click on cancel on the black box that appears, click on continue on the browser and then click on join.


If you are having difficulty setting up your CUPE email, please email or call the CUPE office 613-342-0434 / 1-877-342-CUPE(2873)

Your email address is

Fall 2020 CUPE 5678 was in a situation that we had to obtain  a new email provider, thus the set up and accessing CUPE email is now different and needs to be set up.  Passwords were sent to personal emails on file in the Fall of 2021.  If you do not set up your email then,  you need to request a password reset (either when you are trying to sign in or by contacting with a personal email address) before proceeding.

If you are getting a CUPE email for the first time (you did not have a previous CUPE email) you will need to complete and submit the form found on our website.