LOCAL Bargaining Update

Today, September 12, 2022 your local CUPE 5678 bargaining team, met with the Upper Canada District bargaining team.

Today we were successful in agreeing to ground rules, which includes language that we will be doing transparent bargaining.  This means we will be much freer to discuss with the membership and general public on what is happening at the local bargaining table. If at any time you have any questions about the bargaining process please feel free to reach out to a member of the bargaining team.

For more information on the strike vote, update on bargaining and a strike hardship fund, please attend our special membership meeting this Saturday September 17, 2022 online at 10 am.  The link has been sent to your CUPE 5678 email.

We must all stand together at this time.

In Solidarity from your bargaining committee,

Erin Hurford

Sheena Hagerman

Sheila Robertson

Dayna McCumber

Lois Linttell

Robin Yandeau

Darren Cryderman

Rebecca Cobban

Dan Sawyer (CUPE National Representative)