Looking for Members to Join Committees



As per the CUPE 5678 bylaws, we are looking for committee members to join existing committees.

Please email your interest to info@cupe5678.ca by September 8, 2021,  4 p.m.  If we have a lot of interest, we will do a lottery system for the committees.

The following committees are open to the membership to join:

Mobilization Committee – monitoring of political legislations and strike preparedness.  This committee cannot include executive as strike preparedness will overlap bargaining.  (Committeetee to report to the executive council).  ***This committee needs to be made ASAP ***

Social Committee – to arrange social events, to engage members in their personal lives, I.e cancer walks, motorcycle run, food drives, Labour Day festivities etc.  (Committee to report to the executive council)

Communications Committee – to include Newsletter Editor, Website Administrator, Facebook Administration, Internal communications to members on news, via email, newsletter, website, facebook, town hall calls, etc.  Annual CUPE Communicators Appreciation and Retirees Recognition Banquet.  (Committee to report to the executive council)