Wednesday, April 28, 2021 Day of Mourning

Every year, on April 28, we pause to recognize workers who have been killed or injured on the job. The Day of Mourning, created by CUPE members and first observed in 1984, is recognized by workers in communities across Canada and in more than 100 countries worldwide.

No one should die because of their work, yet in Ontario a worker dies almost every day because of workplace hazards and incidents. Worker deaths are tragedies not only for their families, but for the people they work with and for their communities. On this day, we stand in solidarity with workers around the world and share with each other a collective sense of loss.

By remembering those who have been killed or injured, we remember why we must continue to fight for the health and safety of workers. Our union bargains for health and safety rules to prevent such tragedies. We stand up for workers and provide the protection they need to feel secure in reporting incidents and workplace hazards. Through political action, we pursue laws to protect workers and make sure those laws are enforced.

Our Injured Worker and Health & Safety committees are working on new campaigns to raise awareness about workplace hazards, incidents and injuries, and to provide better support to workers who have been injured on the job.

On April 28, we ask all CUPE Ontario members to pause and remember our sisters and brothers who have lost their lives at work since the last Day of Mourning.

Bonnie Robson was a member of Local 1880 at Community Living Algoma. She died on the job while working alone in an overnight position at a group home. Bonnie was a union member for 25 years and a strong supporter of her union. While her tragic passing was not the result of a workplace accident, this member died while at work and we honour Bonnie and her family by remembering her today. Her daughter, Rochella Robson, is president of CUPE Local 1528, and credits her mother for her union involvement.

We must continue our fight to protect workers both here in Ontario and around the world. It is only days since the anniversary of the Bangladesh garment factory disaster that killed hundreds of workers. It is an anniversary that starkly reminds us of the importance of international solidarity and the need for workers around the world to stand up for each other’s health and safety.

On this Day of Mourning, we reaffirm our solidarity and commitment to workplace health and safety and as we mourn the dead, we pledge to continue fighting for the living.

April 28, 2021 Day of Mourning


Please see the message about The day of mourning on April 28. This day is set aside to remember workers that have died on the job. Especially during this time of covid, where we have lost 10 CUPE members across the province. 

Please take action. Wear black, take a moment of silence, send a message to Doug Ford and your MPP. We are at a point we are fighting for the living. 

In Solidarity 

Erin Hurford  


On April 28, we are encouraging all CUPE members across the province to observe a moment of silence in recognition of workers who have been killed or injured on the job and in protest of the government’s failure to protect them from COVID-19.

We are taking action to demand paid sick days for all workers, vaccinations for all frontline workers, paid time off from work for vaccination, an immediate end to any enhanced police powers, and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Click here to sign up, learn more, and take action


CUPE Ontario – Support Community Mental Health and Addictions Services

Across Ontario, community mental health and addictions supports are vastly underfunded.

COVID-19 had made the mental health and addictions crisis in Ontario all the more prevalent, emphasizing the dire need for our government to re-think the way it funds and prioritizes mental health and addictions prevention and early intervention. Long-term funding is needed now to stabilize the sector and to ensure that the growing number of individuals facing mental health challenges and addictions receive the lifesaving care and support they need and deserve.

For instance, at Regeneration Community Services, whose employees are represented by CUPE Local 4891, government underfunding, including no new funding to support pay equity obligations, is prompting the employer to propose a three-year wage and benefit freeze that workers simply cannot afford. This underfunding may result in a service disruption at Regeneration Community Services if workers are forced to strike, leaving many clients without the supports they need and rely on.

Dedicated funding to community mental health and addictions supports produces substantial economic benefits and improves the capacity of our health care system. Providing accessible, safe, and community-based resources helps to mitigate reliance on more costly health care services and the criminal justice system and enhances quality of life for thousands of Ontarians.

It’s time for our government to invest in community mental health and addictions services and to develop a plan to address the increasing number of individuals who need support.


If you are interested in signing this e-action, please do so by clicking on this link that populates letter to Minister Elliott and MPP,

Support Community Mental Health and Addictions Services – CUPE Ontario


The 2021 OSBCU Executive Board
Elected March 26, 2021 @ OSBCU Virtual Convention
President : Laura Walton
1st Vice President : Rod McGee
Secretary Treasurer : Tammy Graham
Francophone Vice President : Christine Couture
Francophone Mobilization Officer: Mitch Gagnon
Area 1 Vice President: Dave Geroux
Area 1 Mobilization Officer: Jenn Eckert
Area 2 Vice President: Keith Levere
Area 2 Mobilization Officer: Melissa Martin
Area 3 Vice President: Todd Canning
Area 3 Mobilization Officer: Laura Green
Area 4 Vice President : David McOuat
Area 4 Mobilization Officer: Lori Ann Richards
Area 5 Vice President: Liz James
Area 5 Mobilization Officer: Erin Hurford
Area 6 Vice President: Mike Galipeau
Area 6 Mobilization Officer: Catherine Taggart
Area 7 Vice President: Devin Klassen
Health & Safety Representative: Alex Milliken
Injured Worker Representative: Sheila Robertson
Also elected, 3 year Trustee – Sue Wilkinson