General Membership Meeting

October 14, 2023 @ 10:00 am

Rules of Order & Code of Conduct can be found on TEAMS Link to Rules of Order & Code of Conduct

You must be in attendance no later than 10:05 am to be included in the Progressive Member Engagement Draw (currently @ $1,600.00) and Members in Attendance Draw ($100.00).

If you are attending in person, please allow yourself time for signing in and Member in Good Standing verification.


The CUPE National Constitution has laid out the requirements of being a member in good standing to fully participate in union activities.

Only members in good standing can attend and vote at union meetings.

CUPE 5678 bylaws can be found on website

Section 10:

According to article B.4.1 of the National Constitution an initiation and readmission fee of $1.00, must be paid by the applicant for membership. A member who fails to pay dues and assessments for three months is automatically suspended from membership. The suspension will be reported to the Executive Board by the Secretary-Treasurer. The Executive Board will report all suspensions to the next membership meeting. The member may return to membership in good standing by paying a re-admission fee and any other penalty set by the Local Union. The re-admission fee cannot be less than the initiation fee of the Local Union. A member who has been unemployed or unable to work because of sickness shall pay the re-admission fee but may not be required to pay arrears.

If you have not submitted your Member in Good Standing form, please do so asap.

Forms can be found on our website Member in Good Standing – CUPE 5678 and emailed to

If you want to send payment via etransfer please use email Question CUPE and answer 5678. You can send via mail or courier but you won’t be updated as a member in good standing until payment is received.


You can check the list to see if you have provided your member in good standing form.

You must be signed in as CUPE to open the Teams document.

Link to Member in Good Standing List