General Membership Meeting Saturday October 15, 2022

Any additions to the agenda must reach the CUPE Office by Friday, September 30th, 2022.

Additions can be sent via email to and you will receive email confirmation back within 24 hours of a regularly scheduled work day that your addition was received.


You must be logged into the Microsoft Teams meeting with your CUPE email.


You must be in attendance no later than 10:05 am to be included in the Progressive Member Engagement Draw (currently @ $1,100.00) and Members in Attendance Draw. ($100.00)


The CUPE National Constitution has laid out the requirements of being a member in good standing to fully participate in union activities.

Only members in good standing can attend and vote at union meetings.

If you have not submitted your Member in Good Standing form, please do so asap.

Forms can be found on our website Member in Good Standing – CUPE 5678 and emailed to